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Viewers of are not required to sign up and login as a member to view events – live or archived.

If you wish to participate in online chats during a live session, or if you’d like to leave comments on an event you’ve viewed, you will need to sign up and login. To sign up, click the “Join” button found on the top right of the web site. Enter in all information it asks for. Once completed, sign in with the username and password that you have selected. You will then be signed in as you browse

Searching is also an option. Type in your keywords or phrase and press the Enter key. A list of matches will be displayed if any are found. If nothing comes up, try using different keywords, or be less specific.

Home Page

On the home page, you will two columns. The left shows recently published events. You are free to browse through these, but please be aware that some may be password protected.

The right column lists scheduled Live Events. Any event that is scheduled to be recorded and broad casted live over the web will show up here. You may also see these in the Calendar section of

If you use RSS feeds, you can click on the RSS button and enter the given URL into your choice of reader. It displays all the latest published events.


This page shows all events in a calendar view. Archived events, upcoming events, and current live events all show up in different colours. You may click any of the events to view them.

You also have the ability to use the drop down boxes to go directly to a month and year. The Month and Day tabs provide you with different views of the calendar to suit your preference.

Published Events

All events that recorded for web broadcast in the Samuel N. Cohen Auditorium are published here. The events are categorized into Folders. Clicking the different folders in the left column will bring up the events within. Please note: Some of these folders are password protected.

Scroll to see all the events. Depending on the amount in the folder, there may be more than one page of events. Click on the page numbers at the bottom to view more. Once you’ve selected the event you wish to view, click the title of the talk.

Viewing An Event

After you have clicked on an event to watch, depending on the speed of your internet connection, you may or may not see “Loading, please wait…” The video requires some time to buffer to ensure smooth playback. Once the load is complete, you will see the presentation.


Working our way down from the top, the name of the talk is shown within the grey bar. On the right of this bar, is an icon to change the brightness of the surrounding page.

On the left is where you will see the video of the presenter. This can be viewed using Macromedia’s Flash player, Windows Media Player, or Real Player. The default is Flash as it works for all browsers and tends to be a faster. You can change the type of player by clicking on the icon below the video:

To the left of the selection icon, is the play/pause button. Use this to Pause the entire presentation (both video and slide playback). To the right is volume control as a slider.

Going further down the column, is “About this Presentation.” Clicking on this bar will expand content from beneath it, showing more details.

Table of Contents (TOC) is a method of selecting which slide you would like to view. Clicking on the title of each slide will “jump” you to that point; both the video on the left, and presentation on the right. If you hover your mouse over the magnifying glass icon, you can see a small preview of the slide as reference.

The large window area on the right is where the presentation is shown. This is done through displaying several JPG images which are timed to change automatically as the event progresses. If wish to enlarge the image, you can do so by clicking on the Zoom Slide icon.

Alongside that icon, are the slide controls.

  • |< Go to the beginning slide
  • < Go back one slide
  • || Pause the slides (This does not pause the entire presentation. This only prevents the slides from auto advancing.
  • > Go to the next slide
  • >| Go directly to the last slide

Three more buttons are also present along that row. “Tag It”, “Share It” and “Comment It”. You must have an account created be signed-in in order to use these options.

If you click the “Comment It” button, a window appears over the slide (and the slide pauses, but the presentation continues). Enter your username, password, and the comment you would like to leave. If you would like, you can click the box “Apply to this exact moment.” Then click the “Submit” button to continue.

"Share This" allows you to link the presentation, if the precise moment, with other people through popular web sites – Facebook, Delicious, or Digg.

"Tag it" gives you the opportunity to insert a tag word for either a certain point of the presentation, or the whole thing. Inserting tag words can help make searches for presentations more accurate.

The time line, which reaches across from left to right, is a visual cue as to where you are in the presentation.

As you hover over the lines with the mouse, small previews of the slide are shown. These give you an idea of the slide you may be looking for. (If you find it too small, use the Slide Control keys to view the presentation in the large window.) Clicking on any of these points will jump the presentation to that specific point.

If you’d like to find a more specific point in time, you can zoom in using the “zoom” slider on the bottom left.

Searching for parts of the presentation is also available. Enter in your keywords in the text field (bottom right) and click on “Search” to proceed. The presentation will jump to the first slide where a match is found.